Bore the duck (fuck) off!

Auto correct seems pretty adamant to curb my swearing but hey a good strategically placed duck makes a hell of a difference! Go on try it, go stand in front of a mirror and practise saying ‘bore off’ followed by ‘bore the fuck off.’ See totally different impacts eh, one rude and the other brutal.

Although granted you don’t have to swear to get your point across. I was recently told “how dare you” in such a tone that it translated into “you complete and utter cunt, I will cut you if you do that again.” In that case it was all in the delivery and I totally appreciated the beauty of it.

What is it about words that get people’s knickers in twist (never a comfortable spot to be in). Like now, I bet some people are cringing about my colorful language but let’s put this into perspective, some people also cringe out at the word MOIST, including my darling wife who swears like a trooper and will therefore never find a husband.

Well that was all just thought I’d have a little rant whilst taking full advantage of the snow day here in Vancouver and waiting for Mr C at the pub.

Must remember to tell you all about my new book club and the fab birds who make it up. For now, I will bore the fuck off!

2 thoughts on “Bore the duck (fuck) off!

  1. Nice little read! Didn’t get boring 😉
    Can you please do a blog about food industries not supplying butter on sandwiches (AKA BUTTIES) sounds like butter right! …hmmm?
    Or is that my window? Maybe you can help me! 🤗


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