It’s raining in Vancouver!!

So I feel like a fully fledged Vancouverite after getting up and going running in the lashing down rain this morning! You could tell I was new to the city as I was the idiot who was wearing a windproof thinking that was adequate protection.  I was so distracted by the fact that I now live in an amazing city that getting pissed wrapped did not bother me. I said hi to Elsie at Elsie Point, silently thanked the lady who was wearing a bright yellow mac and a pink umbrella for initiating a smile that I could not bury if I tried. The fave thing I saw on my run this morning though was for sure a couple, who I thought was a lot older than my youthful 38 running together; this literally gave me a warm fuzzy feeling and made the smile the splash of colour lady initiated into a big full on dumb cheek hurting grin and proper set me up for the day.

I went out running this morning despite the pouring rain and my minds protests (don’t be a dick, it’s lashing down) and saw so much beauty in the grey.

I must admit, I am now in the process of seeking out a good waterproof running jacket and contemplating asking the yellow mac lady if she wants to be friends!!!

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